Christmixtape 2016

In a bold and brave move that surprised absolutely no-one, this year’s ChristMixTape for 2016 is now available!

Surprise....ChristMixTape 2015!

Just a quick note to say, 2015’s ChristMixTape is here!

If you’re new - I like Christmas music, and I like to make playlists, so a mixtape of Christmas music was kind of inevitable. This is my SEVENTH one. Unbelieberable. Every year I keep worrying I’ll run out of music, and every year I almost do, but as long as people keep making em I’ll keep mixing em.

Enjoy! Joyeux Noelle from Paris!

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ChristMixTape 2013! And more!

2013’s ChristMixTape is now available over at the Christmixes section.

It’s also worth mentioning that there was no ChristMixTape in 2012 because I released a free Christmas EP!


ChristMixTape 2011!

This year’s ChristMixTape is done!

Get it here.