BRIGHTLIGHTS Demo EP by peanutismint

I (Peanut) haven’t really been in a ‘real’ band since I was in high school, which is pretty sad as it’s one of my most treasured experiences. I’ll admit I’m a hopeless pedantic perfectionist control-freak, too arrogant to allow others to influence my creative process, but I’ve never wanted to be a ‘solo artist’ as I don’t feel I have the talent or conviction to really carry it off.

So, in the summer of 2008, with all these ideas for songs floating around that sounded too epic in my head to be performed by just one man, I got together with a few close friends with a view to trying to create epic electronic indie rock & roll. Over the course of a couple of years we jammed songs out and played one gig and a wedding. I managed to get the best few of these songs recorded into what I’ll call a demo EP, and I really enjoyed the process. As a band we haven’t played together for a while now due to time constraints and other commitments, but the recording will hopefully speak for itself.

Although I wrote, performed and recorded all the material, I decided to release it under the ‘BRIGHTLIGHTS’ moniker, as opposed to just lumping it in with my ‘Incomparable Peanut’ stuff as I feel it’s an entirely different entity. I hope to record more under the same name and I’m sure the band will play together again someday.

You can download the ‘demo EP’ in its entirety in this zip file, or click through the track listing on this page.