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I’m tired. Really tired. 2015 has kind of broken me but in the best way, like the kind of delirious exhaustion you feel after climbing a huge mountain or moving a piano.

I’m writing this sitting in a makeshift production office backstage at a climate conference at the Marriott Rive Gauche in Paris. Just being in this city mere weeks after it was subject to horrendous terrorist attacks reminds me of some of the really horrific things that humans have done to each other in 2015. Selfishly, it’s a real bummer. However a lot of great things have happened too. Personally, this year has seen me finally take the leap to full-time freelance work, and I’m so incredibly thankful to God that it’s seemingly been the right move for me at this time. Work has been plentiful and enjoyable, and I’ve been able to travel to such exotic locations as Amsterdam, Berlin, and even Norwich. I travelled to California by myself on a whim for fun, and enjoyed some of the best solo experiences of my life. I was forcibly (but politely) evicted from my amazing home of 3 years, but managed to find somewhere just as nice, just in the nick of time. I saw two of my greatest musical heroes Ryan Adams and Sufjan Stevens play live at life-changing concerts. I forced myself to work as much as possible in the hope of both endearing myself to a greater number of potential clients and also to ‘make hay while the sun shines’, which will hopefully enable me to enjoy some well-earned time of R&R with abandon. I plan to power through these final few work days of the year before hanging up my stage blacks for a couple of months, or as long as I can avoid being offered more work. That being said, dates are already in the diary for Dubai and Bangalore in February 2016, so this glorious respite may not last quite as long as I would like… But I really can’t complain.

This Christmas, as with every Christmas, I’m most looking forward to spending time with family and extended family, friends and loved ones, Netflix and chill. Not to get all sentimental but as I grow I’m finding more and more value in time spent with family, and Christmas is the best lighthouse for bringing everybody back to the fold to gather in one place and just be together for a time. It’s never quite as long as you’d like, and you always want to watch just one more movie and laugh one more time together, but the little time you do get is manna for the soul and I can’t wait to kick off this period of rest with some great pals.

Oh, and Star Wars. I am SUPER EXCITED about Star Wars.

Have a great Christmas and let’s all try really hard to look after each other in 2016, deal? Deal.

P xo