I update a number of blogs from time to time - you should check them out:

DISCLAIMER: I’m quite fickle and unmotivated about these things so don’t expect there to be new content every day/week/year....

A Boy And His Blog - My ‘me’ blog where I attempt to write about a wide range of subjects that interest me.

Hot Trumps - A disgusting chauvinistic meat parade where I rate different female celebrities who I find attractive in as non-degrading a way as possible....

Green For Doors - My ‘gig-blog’, chronicling the various live music events I work at - mainly gear porn.

The Warmup Act - A blog where I discuss the various aspects of my Christian faith.

To My Christian Wife - A stupid Christianised ripoff of the great Tumblr, To My Wife.

Cardiff Newsboards - A collection of some of the more humourous newsboards I’ve spotted around Cardiff.

My Life As Lists - One of my favourite things to do is make lists - this is a blog of them.

These Are The Songs - My attempt at a music blog.

Jackson Magic - A tribute blog to my musical hero, the late Michael Jackson. Will hopefully finish it one day.

Desktops Of The Stars - A blog I started on a whim after seeing a screenshot of a certain celebrity’s desktop. Submissions welcomed!